Ash Embi

Ash Embi is a visionary artist hailing from London, United Kingdom. With an unwavering passion for storytelling through the lens of his camera, he has always been drawn to the allure of distant shores and the mysteries that lie beneath the waves. Ash specialises in capturing the wonderful moments that we share with majestic marine life. 

🎥 Beyond the confines of traditional photography, Ash ventures into the realm of videography with a cinematic flair that is nothing short of mesmerising. Every video unfolds like a carefully scripted tale, transporting viewers into a world where reality and imagination coalesce in a symphony of colours, motion, and narrative finesse. 

Ash works very closely with brands, hotels and resorts and is passionate about creating powerful visuals that resonate with their target audience whilst also conveying the brand’s story, values and identity.

If you are considering growing your company, launching a new campaign or creating new content for your brand then please go ahead and schedule a call with me to discuss how we achieve outstanding results. It may be easier than you think! Contact me now.

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