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(And everything in between.)

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Ash Embi

Hailing from London, United Kingdom, Ash has always been drawn to the allure of distant shores and the mysteries that lie beneath the waves. With a deep love for visual storytelling, he specialises in capturing the essence of resorts, hotels and hostels as well as the majesty of  marine life and SCUBA diving through  video.

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Unleash the power of unique storytelling with Ash Embi’s signature style. From capturing raw emotions to intricate details, each shot is crafted to tell a compelling story.

With expertise in both photography and videography Ash Embi offers a comprehensive range of services. Whether it’s freezing a moment in time or bringing an event to life through motion, versatility and adaptability are my strengths. Ash is always prepared to soar through the sky to capture the perfect drone shots, slide around gracefully on land for ultra steady land based camera work or glide through the water like a fish, in search of outstanding underwater visuals.

Whatever your needs, Ash collaborates closely with clients to ensure that your vision is realised accurately. 






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